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Article One

October 18th, 2022

Breastfeeding is even more important for babies with special needs and their parents. Breastfeeding gives you a higher level of maternal hormones,Guest Posting which increase your intuition and perseverance to meet the needs of your special baby. Because of its physical, psychological, and medical benefits, breastfeeding is even more important for these babies. A baby has special needs. Parents develop a style of caring for their baby and in so doing elevate their level of intuition and sensitivity toward their baby to match the level of baby’s needs. Let’s discuss the most common situations in which babies with needs in unique situations bring out a special kind of parenting.

The Cesarean-Birthed Baby
Following a surgical birth a breastfeeding mother has double job: healing herself and nurturing her baby. Here’s how to do both:

* Ask the lactation consultant in the maternity unit to show you the side-lying position and the clutch hold for breastfeeding. These positions keep baby’s weight off your incision.

* If you would rather sit up to nurse your baby, sit in a straight-backed armchair rather than in your hospital bed. This is easier on your abdominal muscles. Use pillows along your side to bring baby up to breast height and to protect your incision.

* Be sure that dad observes how the professionals help you position yourself and your baby for comfort and for correct breastfeeding technique so that he can take over this role when you go home. Ask hem to instruct dad on holding baby’s lower jaw down and everting baby’s lip outward, since it may be uncomfortable for you to bend over to see how baby is latching on.

* Take whatever pain medications you need to be comfortable. Pain suppresses milk production and interferes with your milk-ejection reflex. The usual medications used for post-op pain are safe, since very little goes into your milk.

* If post-operative complications prevent breastfeeding for a day or two, father or a nurse can give formula, but preferably not by bottle. Cup feeding or finger feeding with a syringe or a supplementor is better than using a bottle, which may lead to nipple confusion.

How to Choose Baby Toddler Shoes

April 7th, 2022

Selecting baby things such as baby dresses and baby toddler shoes may not be very easy. There are things that need to be considered when purchasing these types of things. But surely the wide selections of shoes to choose from nowadays will help in making things easier.

You can either go to your favorite department store or purchase it online but the actual choosing of shoes for toddlers is not as easy as you may think it is. There are circumstances where if the shoe that you have selected does not fit your toddler, then you have obviously made a huge mistake. The most common problem with this is foot pain, deformity and malfunction. To avoid these types of problems, parents must choose the perfect foot wear for their toddlers.

Baby toddler shoes must allow breathing of the toddler’s feet. It should be airy and made from natural and soft materials so that the feet will remain healthy and strong. Another thing is that they should be light in weight. Choosing the right footwear for your kids should include checking on the weight of the shoe and making sure it is light or else might hinder your child’s movement. Infant shoes should also be flexible. They should allow the toes to move comfortably but also stay flat. The shoe should imitate a bare foot and should not have an arch.

Here are some toddler shoes that will perfectly suit your baby’s needs:

Pedi-Care Baby Toddler Shoes

This footwear is perfect for your little one. It is designed to make your baby’s first walks worth recording. Wearing these shoes will make their walking very comfortable. It is made from materials that enable the baby to feel the ground underneath their feet as they try to learn to walk and will aid them as they strengthen their feet. These shoes include a tiny ribbon that your little one will surely like and have a durable leather sole plus Velcro Straps that will make wearing of the shoes very easy.

Bootie Style Baby Toddler Shoes

This is one of the most highly recommended shoes for toddlers. It is made from 100% fabric and has a manmade sole. This beautiful, soft and flexible toddler shoes can be washed using a washing machine and dryer.

In conclusion, when looking for the perfect shoes that will fit your baby’s needs, the main thing is that they should be soft and flexible. The shoes should aid the toddlers in their walking, so parents must invest in shoes of high quality, breathable and lightweight.